Setting up the Slider and Featured Posts Area

Setting Up the Slider and Feature Posts Area

To setup the Slider and Featured Posts for the homepage navigate to the theme options panel under Appearance > Theme Options and select Slider/Featured.

Here you will see a setting to enable the slider and featured posts. Make sure this is set to On.

Select the layout you would like to use from the dropdown menu as shown below.

Posts for the slider and featured posts (below, above, or to the right of slider) area are selected by Tag. To set what posts you would like to display select the tag associated with the posts as shown below.

Other options available here are:

Number of SlidesThis setting will limit the number of posts shown in the slider if more than that number are associated with the selected tag.

Duration of SlidesThe time each slide is displayed for in milliseconds (1000ms = 1s).

Always Show NavigationWill enable or disable slider navigation.

Once you have the settings you desire click Save Changes.